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Japanese Design Wallpaper

The Japanese Design Wallpaper is hand painted using the same techniques as our Chinoiserie Wallpaper.The designs are inspired by art from the Edo period that was one of the great ages of Japanese Wallpaper.Each wall murals in this collection is designed based on open and repeating patterns, rather than panoramic scenes that depict sky, land, cloud, and mist without further embellishment.We also see the use of design painted in flat opaque colour enclosed by simple outlines as seen in de Gournay Plum Blossom Wallpaper,cherry blossom wallpaper,fish wallpaper and plum wallpaper.

The subject throughout the designs shown in this collection, as was the focus of much of the art of the Edo period, is nature including sparse open landscapes that retain the reserved aesthetic and simplicity of the original paintings and natural history where we see more detailed and stylised impressions of the natural world.

We are excited to offer these themes in our hand painted wallpapers as transitional and modern interpretations of otherwise traditional artwork.  Again, there are almost no limits to the possibilities of color and design inherent in Chinoiserie wallpapers, and we invite you to browse our collection for inspiration to beautify your unique interior.

Plum Blossom

Japanese Garden