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Chinoiserie Wallpaper Layout

Hand painted wallpaper of Chinoiserie design reached its height around 1760 when Thomas Chippendale purchased Chinese wallpapers for the interior of Nostell Priory in the North of England. Between then and the early 19th century most of the crowned heads of Europe had created their own Chinese interiors.Drottningholm, The Brighton Pavilion, Sans Souci, Schloss Wörlitz, Charlottenburg and Oranienbaum are some of the palaces where you can still see these wonderful papers.Chinoiserie wallpapers that depicted flowers, birds, and butterflies subsequently became the rage of the day with the affluent 18th and 19th century European commercial class and became a standard of elegant living during this period.

Chinoiserie wallpaper can be created to fit any architectural space.We are delighted to offer this exotic design theme in our hand painted wallpapers and to offer both classical and modern interpretations that will enhance any interior.  Our artists use the same hand painting techniques and the same types of silk papers, metal leaf, and hand pieced Tea Papers to create these fabulous murals.  There are almost no limits to the possibilities of color and design inherent in Chinoiserie wallpapers, and we invite you to browse our collection for inspiration to beautify your unique interior.

C-078 Badminton Wallpaper
C-081 Portobello Wallpaper
T-010 Simona Chinoiserie Design
C-041 Chelsea - Chinoiseire Paper
T-009 WISTERIA - Chinoiseire Mural
T-008 Vine Garden - chinoiserie wall
C-040 Earlham
C-075 Citurs Tree
C-097 Peonies Gardens
C-076 Chatsworth
C-079 Miniature Gardens
C-019 Coutts
C-018 Askew
C-016 Pheasants and Bamboo
C-014 Tropical Garden
C-012 Blossom Gardens
C-010 Dancing Cranes
C-008 Lotus Pond
C-006 Belton Gardens
C-003 Brighton Garden
C-002 Bamboo Garden
C-001 Pheasants Garden
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